When can I apply?

The tentative date for the application process will be April 18th/2016


Must I have a team?

We would prefer that a team is already build before submitting your application but we don’t  exclude single founders from applying, so long as they are committed to building a team during the program.  We understand that finding people to work with is a big challenge overall and we support teams in this through events, networking, and connections.


Should my Start-up be ICT-oriented in order to get accepted?

No. Our program is built to foster entrepreneurship initiatives. Although we might prefer tech initiatives, we welcome revolutionary idea from any sector, and we strongly advise you to apply, as the program has a lot to offer.

Is this program for students only?

No. We are looking for teams that have already started to develop their ideas, as well as the necessary time, energy and dedication to attend our activities.


Can I still participate if I have classes/a job?

Yes, our program will try to accommodate this, but keep in mind that most of the activities will take place during the day and cannot be replicated in the evening. It is very important that you attend such activities for your own benefit.


Does OFICINA accept applicants not from Tirana?

The answer is YES. OFICINA Accelerator is located in Tirana, but we welcome applicants from all around Albania and the Region.


Does all my team members have to be Albanian?

No. But we would prefer if at least one team member is Albanian.



Is there a fee for taking part in the OFICINA Accelerator program?

There is no fee for taking part in our program. Our mentors and supporters are offering their services pro-bono because they believe in our mission.


What happens if I get picked, but cannot attend the program for one week or more?

All the activities in our program are linked and it is very important for you to fully participate in order to develop your business. However, we understand that special situations and circumstances do occur. If such a case appears, let the OFICINA staff know in advance, so we are able to accommodate you.



Do you take any Equity for the Accelerator Program?

At the time being OFICINA does not take any equity.  We provide a robust package of services to all teams, including legal and support services, access to high-level experts and consultants, software, social and networking activities, office space, meeting rooms, and more.


Am I going to get funding on Demo Day?

OFICINA will provide you with the opportunity to pitch in front of investors. But, we cannot guarantee you will receive funding. What we can do for sure is get you ready with coaching, public speaking and pitching practice and guidance from some of the best minds in the field.


What if I do not succeed as a start-up?

If at the end of the program your start-up is not successful, rest assure you will walk away from the program with higher confidence and equipped with valuable business knowledge to tackle your next entrepreneurial venture.  Keep in mind that Bill Gates watched his first company crumble and George Steinberg bankrupted a team. Failure is not the alternative to success. It’s something to be avoided, but it’s also only a temporary setback on a bigger, more significant course.



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