BASS -Business advisory and support services
Ofiçina offers secretarial and receptionist services to start-ups upon request and legal advice. Other business services include event organization and management.

CIT –Coaching, Information and Training
The team of Ofiçina and its experts tailor their assistance and training to clients’ needs including provided through coaching, one on one assistance, training or through facilitation of meetings and group activities.

Outstanding professionals and business people offer their time to Ofiçina to provide guidance and advices for startups in the accelerator’s programme. They came from the fields of Business, marketing, ICT, design, commercial laws and taxation, management, HR and team dynamics and other relevant discipline to provide mentoring and advice (one to one or online) to the apprentices and startups.
Ofiçina collaborate also with accounting offices, law offices, marketing companies and facilitators and event organizers.
We promote the participants of the accelerators programme to also serve as experts in their own field of expertise.

Networking, PR, Business presentation
Ofiçina organizes annual and monthly interactive events, business presentations, pitching days where startups exhibit their ideas, projects and products.

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