High-Tech Startups and Teams

The admission of teams and startups is highly competitive.
The accelerator programme is for people with a business mindset who prefer team work, who aim to enter global market and who are looking for networking, professional business advice and an energetic working environment that will help them thrive.

In the Accelerator programme we work with:

  • High-Tech based Startups or teams (two persons minimum) with a commercially valid, innovative business idea; a product or a service.
  • People with a business mindset who prefer team work and aim to enter the market
  • Existing or new project teams from Alumni communities and students from Harry Fultz and other schools.

Users of Ofiçina center and its services
ICT Freelancers experts and young professionals
Project teams of university students of post graduates working on ICT projects
Graduates and post graduates from ICT Business and marketing disciplines
Students of Harry Fultz High School and its community that want to use common facilities of the center.

Other users
ICT communities and professionals can use Ofiçina indoor and outdoor spaces and facilities for their events, meetings, training, interactive presentations etc.
Universities can team up with Ofiçina for research, for students’ projects or can use conference and meeting facilities for their presentations and events.
Businesses can approach Ofiçina when they that are looking for new products, or when seeking to outsource services, when they are looking for placements for their apprentices or when they are interested to invest in startups.

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