At Oficina we help you craft a solution to a problem via our workshops and program. Our program aims to accelerate your learning, introduce you to great thought leaders and mentors, and connect you with new collaborators and other entrepreneurs. You also educate us on your business model and we utilize our experts, mentors and business professionals to refine it.

We also apply the lean Startup Concept. There is nothing worse than building a product nobody wants and that’s why we validate. Once you have a minimum viable product, we work closely with users to gain critical feedback and utilize analytics for even deeper insights. We refine as required and prepare for launch.


Build a Community & 750 m2 of Space


Oficina provides not just an ergonomic seating and high-speed internet: it is positioned in a quiet location close to the centre of Tirana. Gorgeous and versatile, our space fosters collaboration and creativity for individuals, groups, and events. Whether you need peace and quiet or an energizing buzz of activity, every square foot is intended to facilitate inspiration.

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