The "Flexible Startup Support" program arrives in Durrës.


Flexible Startup Support accelerator offers support to promising projects and entrepreneurs based in cities outside Tirana. The programme aims to support innovations in various sectors and technologies, developed within new startups, universities and SME based locally.

We bring the latest methods of technical support, implemented by national and international experts and coaches, validated by startups and project teams throughout the last five years in many cities. Our coaches are certified by international institutions and provide similar services to startups around the world.

Main objective of the Flexible Start-Up Support – Regional Edition are:

  • To support the development and commercialization of the local Start-Ups, entrepreneurs and projects developed within universities.
  • Assist in building a local startup ecosystem by engaging local stakeholders, such as: private sector companies, universities, municipalities and other government institutions.
  • To increase capacities of local support organization to identify opportunities and build a robust and functioning local ecosystem
  • Support the development of a healthy startup pipeline
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The program aims to support up to 20 Start-ups for a period of 12 weeks by offering high expertise in areas such as Technology Development, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Financing Strategies, Intellectual Property Management, etc. During the program, teams will develop and validate their business model, address market needs through in-depth analysis, build a prototype, and receive specialized support in identifying commercialization opportunities from qualified local and foreign experts. The program will also provide support to support the funding needs of these projects.

The intervention to help entrepreneurs in this area, aims to engage and stimulate digital development in sectors of economic importance such as Tourism, Alternative Energy, Sustainable Development and ICT.

The call is open and all entrepreneurs from the Durrës region and professionals from the Albanian diaspora are encouraged to apply.

If you want to get in touch regarding the Flexible Start-up Support Regional Edition in Albania, please contact us here

The Call for Application is now open!

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