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Our Target

Our program is open to early-stage startups with big ambitions. Get a full-time desk in our offices and join our unique community of hand-picked entrepreneurs. Our program is built for founders that have been working on their projects, have an MVP and are dedicated to take their startup to full commercialisation and have the ambition to expand beyond our borders.
Incubation program is technology agnostic and we accept applications all year. To make things easier, we provide tailored development to each startup based on the industry, stage and plans for the future. Our programme is the perfect for any team that would like to build a prototype in software or hardware and measure outcomes against market state-of-the-art. Our resources, experts and dedicated staff are precious, so participation in the programme is interview based and requires dedication and hardwork.


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Unique selection of resources, experts and alumni founders at hand

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Dedicated one-to-one sessions, personal action plan and access to industry insights

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Free access to legal and financial staff to help you setup

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Exclusive access to regional acceleration programs

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Unlimited use of on-site resources, printers, scanners and meeting room

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One full year office space

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Discount on useful products developed for startups

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Access to funding


Before applying to, please ensure that...

  • You are a startup, SME or academic project
  • You have proof of concept, MVP and/or Prototype
  • You have big ambition
  • You will dedicate to the programme for at least a year
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Similar to the precepts of lean manufacturing and lean software development, the lean
startup methodology seeks to eliminate wasteful practices and increase value-producing practices during the earliest phases of a company so that the company can have a better chance of success without requiring large amounts of outside funding, elaborate business plans, or a perfect product (Eric Ries, "Creating the Lean Startup"). Customer feedback during the development of products or services is integral to the lean startup process, and ensures that the company does not invest time designing features or services that consumers do not want (Tam, Pui-Wing (20 May 2010) "Philosophy helps start-ups move faster").

When a startup company cannot afford to have its entire investment depend upon the success of a single product or service, the lean startup methodology proposes that by releasing a minimum viable product that is not yet finalized, the company can then make use of customer feedback to help further tailor the product or service to the specific needs of its customers.The lean startup methodology asserts that the "lean has nothing to do with how much money a company raises"; rather it has everything to do with assessing the specific demands of consumers and how to meet that demand using the least amount of resources possible (Loizos, Connie (26 May 2011). "Lean Startup evangelist Eric Ries is just getting started").

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A unique Working Experience

Ofiçina is a vibrant working environment in the heart of Tirana located in the workshops complex buildings of Harry Fultz Institute. The center includes co-working space with smart interior and modern office and meetings infrastructure and a series of indoor and outdoor facilities and recreational areas. It has a newly refurbished high ceiling 730 sqm structure surrounded by a large green area and dedicated parking.

The Co-working space offers office desks set up and ready to use, including PC or laptop, broadband internet, printing, photocopying and teleconference facilities. Ofiçina also includes a fully equipped large conference and exhibition space hosting up to 250 people as well as meeting and training rooms, teleconference studio, and lounge.

There is broadband internet across the building and in the outdoor recreational areas. The space offers all the modern comfort yet maintains the spirit of the old workshop using recycled equipment from the old technical school that are embedded into its open and modern interior. Ofiçina is very well located near the center of Tirana offering excellent
transport links with 2 bus stops right at the entrance. Ofiçina itself offers parking space for up to 30 cars.

For entrepreneurs only.

Entrepreneurs are at the core of everything we do. Our program is built for startups. Whatever we do and offer comes recommended and validated by other entrepreneurs.

Your milestones, Flexible deadlines

We know innovation is not one-size-fits-all. Our online programs are designed to fit your schedule and provides flexibility in your learning habits - all of our resources are a-la-carte and can be accessed at any time.

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